Characteristics Of The Phlegmatics

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According to Florence Littauer the Phlegmatic is the peaceful temperament.
The word ‘phlegmatic’ is originated from old French Fleumatique, modern French Flegmatique, from late Latin Phlegmaticus and from Greek Phlegmatikos meaning ’abounding in phlegm’, referring literally to calmness, coolness and indifference.
Phlegmatic means pertaining to phlegm (one of the four body humour) and corresponds to the winter weather (wet and cold), and relates to the element of ‘water’. Phlegmatics are generally self-contented, sympathetic, indolent and resistant to change. They are very cool, relaxed, routinist and observant.
Phlegmatic people are not sensitive. The reaction is feeble or entirely missing in them. Very strong impressions also put least impact on these people. They feel very little interest for whatever may be going on around them. Tending to be indolent the phlegmatics show much reluctance for work. Slowness and dullness predominate in this group of people.
Characteristics of the Phlegmatic Temperament:
Affable- Phlegmatics often have many friends; not because they are too extroverted, but because they manage and adjust with everyone. As like a universal solvent possess the ability to dissolve almost every known kind of solutes, the phlegmatics adjust with people of every temperament types. They neither react to a conflict, nor do they get involved in any type of controversy or contradiction. Everyone can dominate these individuals; even the persons those are too
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