Characteristics Of The Renaissance

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The renaissance was world-famous era in the history of European culture that began in Northen Italy. We can also say that it was a birth of modernity, rebirth of ideas and thougths, also a major rebirth of a classic. Began in Venice – city on the water, that famous for Murano glass. Exxes to water gave city great opportunity for export and import, for example with Turkey. It was a secular republic during that period of time. Another city that was involved is Florence. A lot of medici famalies live there and owned banks, thats why this city played a big role in the banking system, meaning money. Banging during that time was the first source of income. It was self governed independed state. Were also involved in the trading of textiles, mainly wool. Feudal castles no longer governed the life of states. A social and philosophical movement of humanism emerges. And individualism than, because it’s all about people, not church as before. In the cities began to arise secular centers of science and art. Their activities were beyond the control of the church. Money was provided for artists and writers. Revival of beauty. The main thing that brought the Renaissance to the world culture, I think, is the revival of the idea of antiquity, the aspiration of this era to beauty as to perfection. I used to draw myself for a period of almost 7 years, and studying this period in history of art was hard and at the same time really existing. Ideal was the connection of the internal and
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