Characteristics Of Thomas Jefferson's House, Monticello

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There are a number of features of Thomas Jefferson's house, Monticello, that show that it was built in a classical style. For instance, the first feature I noticed that is a part of the classical style is the the columns found on the front of the building. There are four columns on the front of Thomas Jefferson's house. Columns were used frequently in classic Roman architecture. They are used for support and add a pleasing aesthetic appeal to the facade of the house. Found right above the four columns is a pediment. This was another staple of classic Roman architecture. It was a feature that was found on many buildings in the ancient Roman civilization. A pediment is triangle structure. On Jefferson's house it is supported by the columns and includes what appears to be a small half circle window.…show more content…
According to a website I found that discusses the history of Thomas Jefferson's house in Monticello, the first sketch that Thomas Jefferson did of his house did not include the dome that now sits on top. He decided to add the dome to his house when he was on a trip to France. In France he saw houses that had domes and skylights. He thought this was a great idea. Domes were first used in ancient Rome. Thus, the dome that sits on the top of Jefferson's house is another classical feature. Each of the three features I have discussed are evidence of classical architecture. Columns, pediments, and domes were three features of architecture that were commonly used in ancient Greece and Rome. This classical style continues to have an influence on architecture today as evidenced in government buildings and other buildings of high

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