Characteristics Of The Totalitarian Regime

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In the discussion of the study of origins of totalitarianism, the woman philosopher Hannah Arendt made an argument on totalitarianism that the main precondition of the rise of the totalitarian regimes is the existence of social stratification. The discussion on characteristics of totalitarianism is one of the topics with vital necessity when people are studying totalitarianism. The characteristics assist to shape how a totalitarian regime may look like, and it is also important to understand how these characteristics of the totalitarianism may pose certain influence, both in a positive or a negative way, to the society or even country that is ruled by the totalitarian power regime. The totalitarian regimes may then vanish the differences between…show more content…
The totalitarianism is too ambitious to achieve an aim, especially for the nontotalitarian Europe countries. The use of terror of the totalitarian regimes and extreme way to destroy other races are often being criticized. (Villa, 2006, p.2) However, the totalitarianism served well enough with its strong power to organize the masses in the society of the country. The more organized condition of the society ought to be one of the advantages brought by the totalitarianism. (Arendt, 1951, p.310) In a similar way, with the strong power and attractiveness of the leader, people can seldom discover challenge or criticism towards the leader of a totalitarian country with powerful leadership regime. (Arendt, 1951, p.310) Therefore, the release and enforcement of policies from the totalitarian regime may conduct with a higher efficiency since there ought to be less criticism and opposed opinion raised by the masses in the society than that of the society of a democratic country. People in most of the democratic countries enjoy plenty of freedom including the freedom of speech, which allows them to freely speak out their opinions towards the country regime, the government, or the policy, etc., in both supportive and against side to these subjects. However, the citizens’ enjoyment with the freedom of speech may contribute to an encouraging condition to raise opinions towards the governing regimes, or even involve in social groups and social activities such as posing a strike towards the issue which they are not satisfied with. The democratic government has a duty to respect and listen to the citizens’ voices, which may lead to a slower speed to release a policy in the country. While comparing the efficiency of the introduction and conduction of government policy, the high efficiency can be treated as one of the strengths
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