Characteristics Of Tourism

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Attractions are a crucial and essential part of the tourism industry and are the driving force nowadays behind much of the development that has taken place in a variety of destinations. It is important to realize that tourist attractions are a dynamic component of the travel and tourism industry and, as such, are changing and will continue to evolve. Tourist attractions draw visitors to a destination by providing opportunities for relaxation, amusement, entertainment, and education. The importance of such visitor attractions within the travel and tourism industry should not be underestimated. Popular tourist destinations will contain a range of attractions which have unique characteristics and features. And here, it is classified in these three basic categories, culture, food and nature. Cultural tourism (or society tourism) is a subgroup of tourism that is about a specific nation’s way of life, particularly the way of life of the general population in those geological areas, the historical backdrop of those individuals, their specialty, engineering, religion(s), and different components that formed their lifestyle. For example, the Maori people are the indigenous people of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and first arrived there from their ancestral homeland over 1000 years ago. Maori culture is intrinsically linked into the heritage and culture of New Zealand. The Maori want their tourism products to reflect the cultural resources of their present communities and not to always look

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