Characteristics Of Vaccine

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Vaccine was defined as ‘weapons of mass protection’, the discovery of vaccine is an important step in World Health. Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur observed the phenomenon in which the individual recovered from some infectious diseases and they were resistant to subsequent re-infection, also they gave an early imputes for the development of vaccine. In 19th century Pasteur discovered the possibility to artificially modify the virulence of an infectious agent and to enhance a protection against it. This discovery was a major step in preventive medicine. in 1880, Pateur first publication could be considered as a revolution in medicine where he named the attenuated strain a vaccine. Vaccination induce many responses that either prevent infection completely or reduce the severity of the disease, so it 's an important step in a rational design of a vaccine is to understand the immune correlates of protection and it considered as the best tool against infection, which is more cost effective than treatment following the occurrence of disease. (Qazi. 2005; Garcia-Quintanilla et al.,2014).
There are many Characteristics of ideal vaccine such as; safety which is a world -wide problem, strong immunogenicity without increase in the reactogenicity, especially in developing countries, where infectious diseases pathogenicity and death rate remains high, long-lived efficacy, which is an important determinant of cost-effectiveness, and a single dose of vaccine should confer robust with

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