Wal-Mart Case Study

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As we all know that Wal-Mart is not only the largest retailer in the world but also the second largest corporation which is largest employer in the US and Mexico and needless to say in World. The one person who is behind this success of Wal-Mart is none other than its founder “Sam Walton”.
To Introduce Sam Walton, I would use definition of John Welch’s, who describes him as the person who understands people the way Thomas Edison understood innovation and Henry Ford, production. As rightly pointed by the John Welch, It was his ambitious and extremely competitive behavior which makes him so successful. Also one of the important characteristics he possessed was of excellent promoter. In further reading you will experience that he was using his
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It was also the manner in which the company did its business. Wal-Mart’s new heads took to heart one aspect of the founder’s business beliefs — the importance/worth of reducing costs — but they didn’t show his feeling about the importance of making staffs feel as though they had a stake in the venture. They were already at a disadvantage as it was. Wal-Mart’s pace of development was remarkable but slower than in its early years — the inevitable result of becoming so big — and this diluted the appeal of such incentives as stock ownership. But character also played a role. The company’s concentration on saving money was leading it to make impractical demands of local managers, particularly with regard to payroll, and this pressure would ultimately lead to grave…show more content…
It is the largest employer in both the US and Mexico. (2)
It was established by a country lad who for his whole life loved calling his bird dogs into his old pick-up truck to go tramping through the woods quail hunting.
Worked on his Weaknesses
He was not all strengths. Academically, sam did not consider himself a talented student in high school, but he worked hard and made good grades. (3) He also made it through college, although he was not that great at bookkeeping. (4)
According to Sam, he "never learned handwriting all that well." No one could read it. Also, he would screw up organizational details, like sales slips and cash register transactions. At Penney’s, his first fulltime job out of college, the man over personnel told him, "Walton, I would fire you if you were not such a good salesman. Maybe you are just not cut out for retail." (5)
That guy did not have a strength in discernment. Sam would become the best retailer ever.
Walton was a very bad driver (6) and admitted to being hopelessly disordered. (7) People would show up for scheduled appointments from out of town & Sam would be out of town visiting a store. His personal secretary finally refused to make appointments for him, knowing he might not
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