Characterization And Symbolism In Night By Elie Wiesel

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More than three million Jews were killed in concentration camps during World War Two. The concentration camps were extremely brutal and people who experienced them were treated like animals. When Jewish people were thrown into concentration camps, not only had they been stripped of their basic rights, but they had been stripped of their lives as well. Everyday they would witness fellow jews dying or being killed. Anyone who ever lived in a concentration camp knew that they could have died any day. They knew that they no longer had control over their lives. Living in a place like that changed people drastically. In Night, Elie Wiesel uses characterization, imagery, and symbolism to show how awful his time in the concentration camps was and how it contributed to his loss of faith. Wiesel uses characterization of himself when he was a young boy and when he was a teenager in the concentration camps by explaining how much he loved his religion and how much more he wanted to learn about it and then by explaining how it regressed the longer he was in the concentration camps. When Elie Wiesel was 13 he believed in God more than anything else. He prayed every single day. One time Moishe the Beadle watched Elie pray…show more content…
To Elie, God was nothing. He did not exist because if he did exist, then where was he? How could he let so many of his beloved children suffer like they had? Why had he not done anything to fix what was happening or to stop it? Why did he let it happen in the first place? There were too many unanswered questions about God that Elie constantly thought about. Eventually Elie just got tired of asking them. He no longer wondered. Instead he just stopped believing.God was not real to Elie, because if he was, he would have done something to help. Loss of faith, imagery, symbolism, and characterization were used as themes and points of scope throughout the novel to show how much concentration camps really can change a

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