Characterization In Flowers For Algernon

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Have you ever looked at your life and thought that maybe if you were smarter or wiser, maybe it could have gone another way? Have you ever wished that you could have natural intelligence that, like other people, could help you through your life? If you could have an operation that could make you smarter, would you do it? Many people think that having intelligence or being a genius is the most important thing to have in life, as if knowledge and wisdom are the only things that can get us anywhere in this world. But, as illustrated in the story Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, it’s the people around us who help us get through our everyday lives because of the happiness and even hurt that they may give us. The love and support, as well…show more content…
The figure above identified Algernon using this type of characterization mostly because of what Charlie writes in progress report number 12 through the dates of May 23rd and May 25th. This section talks about how Algernon’s behavior is becoming more violent and how his cooperation is becoming almost nonexistent. “Burt, who is in charge of the experimental animals, tells me that Algernon is changing. He is less co-operative; he refuses to run the maze anymore; general motivation has decreased. And he hasn 't been eating. Everyone is upset about what this may mean.” (Daniel Keyes 216). This shows that despite his other more calm behavior, Algernon is becoming more and more violent, which later affects Charlie due to how closely linked Charlie and Algernon are because of their search for greater intelligence, as shown in the journal entry written by Charlie on May 25th. “ Everyone identifies me with Algernon. In a way we 're both the first of our kind.” (Daniel Keyes 217). Their shapes, shown in the diagram above, are very close to one another because of how both of their searches for intelligence are taking them on the same path, which eventually leads Charlie back into the darkness of unintelligence. Furthermore, this type of unsteady behavior within Algernon’s personality can be…show more content…
The third shape found in the figure above is for a diner dishwasher found within the story Flowers for Algernon, who is represented by a green circle within a white triangle. This character was characterized as this type of shape and color due to how he is described by Charlie in a journal entry from May 20th. “As his vacant eyes moved across the crowd of amused onlookers, he slowly mirrored their smiles and finally broke into an uncertain grin at

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