Characterization In Richard Colfer's The Land Of Stories

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Can life really be connected to literature through characterization? Have you ever thought about looking at life through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person? Literature and life can be connected due to the fact that, when reading books and/or short stories, we can connect to the character’s personality, conflict, and how they see things.Sometimes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person. While reading a book, you can be sucked into the story and theme the author is showing you through words and then you start to be connected to the book and everything in it.
Colfer, the author of The Land Of Stories series, uses indirect characterization to characterize Alex Bailey. He shows how Alex Bailey is mature and when she needs to take action. Like when her and her twin brother, Conner, travel into Conner’s short stories and she would use her magic to save them from a
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man and man vs. self to show the conflict Rainsford experiences in the story. Rainsford shows a man vs. self conflict while he is playing The Most Dangerous Game against General Zaroff. Rainsford struggles against the game so he repeats “i will not lose my nerve” to himself to stay calm. The reason for Rainsford trying to keep calm is because he didn’t want to lose so he kept pushing himself to continue the game. Rainsford experiences a man vs. man conflict when General Zaroff gets close to finding him in The Most Dangerous Game. Like when Rainsford was up in the tree to sleep but General Zaroff followed his track and was at the base of the tree but he then left to go back to his house to sleep. This conflict also includes when Rainsford set up a deep hole trap with leaves on top, and spikes at the bottom, and how it killed General Zaroff’s best dog and how General Zaroff almost found Rainsford. This story/conflict you can relate to in your real life maybe because you might freak out sometimes in a conflict or you might be in a “game” of
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