The Cask Of Amontillado Character Analysis Essay

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¨Characterization is an accident that flows out of action and dialogue¨ ,by Jack Woodford, describes how characterization occurs. There are many way that authors create and describe the characters for their stories. In “ The Cask of Amontillado¨, ¨Thank you M 'am¨, and ¨The Most dangerous game¨ the character Montresor, Mrs. Jones, and Zaroff by the use of speech, action, or appearance.
In The Cask of Amontillado, Thank you Mam, and The Most dangerous game the author uses characters speech to develop the character personality. In the story The Most Dangerous Game Rainsford said to Zaroff, ¨¨but what game, began Rainsford.¨ Ill tell you.¨¨ This shows that Zaroff has an enigmatic personality. Furthermore, the island he lives wasn´t notice by
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In the Most Dangerous Game, Zaroff did “ General sensed misdanger and leapt back with agility”. General Zaroff can sensed things that a normal person can’t. Furthermore, for reacting to the danger let him escape unharmed. General Zaroff did “ The general made one of his deepest bows”. This shows that as a hunter that he is very flexible. Furthermore, that his flexibility as a hunter let go to places in tight situation, when he almost got hurt from Rainsford. In the story Thank you Ma 'am, Mrs Jones did “ picked the boy up by his shirt front out and shook him”. This shows that Mrs Jones is strong to pick up a 14 year old boy. Furthermore, Mrs. Jones is a person who isn 't to be messed with because how easily she picked up Rodger. Mrs Jones did “ The woman still had him by the neck in the middle of the room”. This shows that she is really strong and has long stamina. Furthermore, she is stronger than most or she has an aggressive attitude. In The Cask of Amontillado did, “I paused again, and made bold to seize Fortunato by an arm above the elbow. This shows Montresor hate on Fortunato how he wants him to die. To explain, when Fortunato insulted him. Montresor did, “ I thrust a torch through the remaining aperture and let it fall within… heart grew sick of dampness”. This shows when he saw nothing or a dead body he felt sad. To explain, The person who…show more content…
In “The Most Dangerous Game”, Zaroff has “For a moment the general did not reply: he was smiling his curious red lipped smile”. General smile has big red lips. Shows that he smile a lot. In “Thank You mam” did, “Jones did picked the boy up by his shirt front out and shook him.” This shows that Mrs.Jones is buff and has muscles. Furthermore, her strength. In “ The Most Dangerous Game” said. “Thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as best I could… I vowed revenge.” This shows he has a sinister look. Furthermore, the thousand injuries or the sadness he have gotten. All the stories show appearance on how they behave and what they
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