Characterization In The Outsiders

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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a book full of unexpected character revelations. Readers realize that Dally is not the cold, unemotional person he seems to be. This is shown many times in the book, when Dallas puts his friends before himself. Characterization is when an author creates memorable characters whose words, actions, and feelings reveal human truths. S.E. Hinton uses the craft move of characterization in order to teach readers that Dallas Winston hides his love and feelings in order to protect himself from getting hurt. S.E. Hinton uses characterization through Dallas’ feelings. An example of characterization in The Outsiders is when Johnny is beat up, as noted on page 32. “Dally was there, too, swearing under his breath, and turning away with a sick expression on his face.” This leads to Ponyboy wondering why this impacted Dallas so much, even though Dally had seen it many times. This scene exemplifies Dallas’ caring and love that he usually hides. Even though Dallas may seem resilient and indestructible, he shows caring for Johnny. Hinton uses characterization through Dally’s words. Dally tries hard to make Johnny know that he cares. This is shown by Hinton on page 89. “‘ Johnny,’…show more content…
Dally loses his mind and lets his emotions loose. This is noted on page 149. “Whirling suddenly, he slammed back against the wall. His face contracted in agony, and sweat streamed down his face. ‘Damnit Johnny…’ he begged, slamming one fist against the wall, hammering it to make it obey his will. ‘Oh damnit Johnny please don’t die.’” Dallas finally realized how much he cared for Johnny, but he realizes this too late as Johnny is gone. Everyone has a breaking point and Dallas finally reached his. Hinton shows readers how he has truly been feeling through his words and his harsh actions. Readers realize, “Johnny was the only thing Dally loved.” as stated on page

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