Essay On Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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The Use of Characterization to Develop Theme in Golding’s Lord of the Flies Without society, the organized and civil nature of humans falls apart and leads most people to a more primal and savage way of acting. After this primal nature of humans takes over, humans become driven by the id as opposed to the superego. This lack of empathy allows people to commit horrific acts. An example of this is shown in William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, when he theorizes what would happen when a group of people are abruptly removed from the strict order of society. Golding’s novel takes place on a deserted island after a plane crash strands a group of young english boys without any adult supervision. Originally, they set up an organized society,…show more content…
After a meal of pig, the boys in Jack’s new tribe begin to recite their chant, cheering for the blood of a pig. Unfortunately for Simon, he happens to join the group during the middle of the chant. At this point, the boys bloodthirstiness has reached a new level and they kill Simon. To the reader’s surprise, even Ralph and Piggy are involved in this murder after they get caught up in the night’s excitement. Following this murder, a member of Jack’s tribe, Roger decides to kill Piggy. Even though there was no reason for this murder, nobody bats an eye because it has become normal for acts like these to be committed. This lack of a reaction to incredible violence shows how disassociated the boys have become from the real civilized world and now their true, primitive nature is shining through. When the boys are finally rescued, the British officer says, “I should have thought that a pack of British boys…would have been able to put up a better show than that” (Golding, p.202). Clearly, the officer is shocked that a group of well educated children from a British boarding school would be able to commit all sorts of violent acts. This quote highlights the difference that society makes in keeping people in line and how when removed from this, the true nature of humans is
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