Characterizing Equality 7-2521 In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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In the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand, she characterizes Equality 7-2521 as a brother living in a Dystopian society. Equality shares his traits and his belief on the transgression that he holds. Collectivism makes him portray a different way towards the rest of the society. He exhibits curiosity, intelligence and loneliness so the reader can identify Equality as a symbolic figure in the novel. This is what outcasts him from the rest of his brothers mentally and physically. One important quality that Equality 7-2521 shows is curiosity throughout the novel. He shows curiosity by questioning his transgression leading to the actions he portrays. Rand states, “We are one in all and all in one.There are no men but only the great WE, One, indivisible
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