Perry Smith In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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In Cold Blood is a novel based on true events of a murder written by Truman Capote. Perry Smith and Richard Dick, have committed murders of four family members of the Clutter family. From the beginning, it is obvious that the novel focuses on many characters and one becomes more interested in learning about how their personalities will open out during the novel. Several characters in the novel fit the description of the protagonist, including Perry, Dick and Herb Clutter. Therefore, the most expand the character and the obvious protagonist in the novel is Perry Smith as the narrative revolves so much around him. The author constantly refers to Perry throughout the novel every time Capote wants to introduce a new perspective and therefore…show more content…
He blames society for the person he has become. His perception is that the society to blame is his mother, and the community should accept the punishment for the way he was treated by his mother and the during the time he spends in juvenile corrections facilities. Perry does not understand why he is facing the death penalty, yet he committed the crime at a point where he was “Predisposed to gross lapses in reality contact and extreme weakness in impulse control during periods of heightened tension and disorganization” (301). In this aspect, Perry tries to show that he is not guilty of the crime because he could not control his instincts. Perry’s sister, Barbara viewpoint is that if any person kills somebody and had the intent and you know you have done something wrong, you are guilty and should take responsibility for your actions. Barbara states “Your letter implies that the blame of all your problems is that of someone else, but never you. I do admit that you are intelligent, and your vocabulary is excellent, and I do feel you can do anything you decide to do and do it well but what exactly, so you want to and are you willing to work and make an honest effort to attain whatever it is you choose to do? Nothing good comes easy and I’m sure you’ve heard this many time but once more won’t hurt” (141). She points out that he needs to stop blaming

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