Cassie Logan Character Analysis

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Cassie Logan: The narrator and main character. Second-oldest Logan child, she is 9 years old. She has a kind personality like her mother, but a quick temper like her uncle, and is naive to racism.
Little Man (Clayton Chester) Logan: Cassie’s brother, the youngest of the Logan children, he is 6 years old. Very neat and kind, but quick to stand up for what he believes in.
Stacey Logan: Cassie’s big brother, the oldest of the Logan kids. Stacey is 12 years old (in 7th grade), and very kind and mature, a sort of father figure to his sibling while their father is at work.
Christopher-John Logan: The second youngest Logan child, he is 7 years old. He is happy, timid, sensitive to other’s feelings, and wants to be on everyone’s good side. Not a very developed character.
Mama (Mary Logan): The mother of
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A seventh grader, friend of the Logans.
Moe Turner: Minor black character. One of Stacey’s friends.
Mary Lou Wellever, Alma Scott, Gracey Pearson: Minor black characters. A trio of mean girls at the Logan’s school. They treat Cassie like Lillian Jean does.
Mr. Wellever: Minor black character. Principal of Great Faith Elementary and Secondary School.
Daisy Crocker: Minor black character, Cassies’s teacher, who she doesn’t like.
Mr. and Mrs. Avery: Minor black characters. T.J and Claude’s parents, sharecrop on Granger land.
Mr. and Mrs. Silas Lanier: Minor black characters. Another family who sharecrop the Granger land.
The Berry Family (John Henry, Beacon, Samuel): Minor black characters. Go to the Logan’s church occasionally. John Henry and Beacon are burned to death by the Wallaces for flirting with a white woman.
Mr. Montier and Mr. Harrison: Minor white character. Both are landowners, many families rent their land.
Mr. Grimes: Minor white character. School bus driver for Jefferson Davis County School, he splashes black children with mud and dust every day.
Sheriff: Minor white character. Lets white mobs get away with
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