Characters: Character Changes In William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Macbeth is a character who changes his ways through the influence of others. He does many things throughout to cause corruption and tragedy. Macbeth does hurt everyone in this story including himself.
Macbeth is called a bold person and is rewarded in the start. The characteristics of Macbeth are smart and noble. This specific action costed Macbeth’s level of stability to continually decrease as he starts to realize the cost of his actions. Macbeth tries to forget what he has done and be the person that barks out the orders. As we start to see Macbeth being a wise decrease, as we begin to see Macbeth continually questioning his decisions, and he tries to cover his actions up but only confuses others.
Macbeth 's pride is now very noticeable later on. This shows his ways are well seen in Act IV, he goes to see the Witches, with no reason to. His pride is the main cause for all of his problems.
After becoming king from the mess he made of King Duncan, you can see Macbeth’s behavior completely change - from someone who has a clue what he is doing. Macbeth’s behavior changes drastically from the beginning to the end. As the play begins to get more intense due to Macbeth’s want for power, we start to see how Macbeth chooses to move from his wife. This place in time is where Macbeth starts to act different by going to the witches for help instead of anyone trustworthy. So his behavior and actions have changed as he now does not go to a situatuon with caution, but as if he is a

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