Napoleon's Character In Animal Farm

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Animal Farm Character Essay Name: Amari Griggs

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a novella that comments on political ideologies such as communism and utopias. One character that has part and essentially carries the plot is the sly, selfish, and relentless boar Napoleon.
His sly behavior was quite apparent throughout the story, though it becomes more extreme as additional events unfold. For example, Napoleon was in disagreement with Snowball. Instead of discussing matters with him, Napoleon ordered a pack of guard dogs to attack and chase him off the farm (17). This shows that Napoleon had waited for the right moment to overpower the other pig. This also shows that the guard dogs had been told a false truth to or bribed with benefits if they had gone with the plan and attacked Snowball without a second thought. In addition, Napoleon continues to change rules and make new
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This shows that he does not wish to be seen as an equal to the other animals. This also shows that he is quickly becoming more human by, using their items--the gun and medals-- year round. Moreover, he rids of the Seven Commandments and song which inspired the rebellion of the animals, the Beasts of England, in favor of a song describing his greatness (29). This shows that he does not care for the true origin in of Animal Farm, unity among animals for a better future, and eradicates such for a song only speaking highly of himself. This also shows that he finds himself to be much more worthy of such attention although the Seven Commandments and Beasts of England involve all animals, the new song by the name of Comrade Napoleon is only about the boar. Napoleon’s selfishness gets in the way of the improvement and progress of the Animal Farm and endangers the safety of
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