Essay On The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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No matter who a person is, everyone has both good and bad qualities. The book “The Epic of Gilgamesh” by Benjamin Foster contains characters who portray these moral and corrupt qualities in which affect their fate in future journeys throughout their lifetime. To be specific, Gilgamesh and Enkidu are the main characters who seemed to hold heroic qualities, and weaknesses. To begin with, Gilgamesh was known to be a hero in the story because he was loyal and he persevered through a lot of hardships including the battle with Humbaba. The story reads “In the enclosure of Uruk he strode back and forth / Lording it like a wild bull, his head thrust high.” (I, 39). It is very clear in this entire story how prideful Gilgamesh is. He is very confident when he speaks about killing Humbaba. Gilgamesh says, “There dwells in the forest the fierce monster Humbaba / You and I shall kill him / And wipe out something evil from the land.” (II, 48) Gilgamesh attempted to stay positive in most all the story with his friend Endiku. He says
“Let the paralysis leave your arm, let weakness quit your knees,
Take my hand, my friend, let us
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Gilgamesh says “He who marches first protects himself. / Let him keep his comrade safe! / Those two will have established fame down through the ages.” (IV, 56) Gilgamesh committed the kill of Humbaba, while Enkidu aided with advice and support. It seems that they both learn from each other in the sense that Gilgamesh learns to keep his word by following Enkidu’s command. While Enkidu learns that it was not impossible to kill Humbaba like he previously assumed. These men are both brave and courageous on the entire journey to kill Humbaba. Their relationship seems to change when Gilgamesh completes the kill of Humbaba. They seem closer, and they celebrate the victory. “They lashed together a raft / Enkidu embarked / And Gilgamesh [. .] the head of Humbaba.” (V,
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