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Bottled Up by Jaye Murray is the book I chose to do my report on. Bottled Up was published by Dial Books in 2003. This is a shorter book it has 224 pages. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. Pip is the main character in this book who is dependant on drugs and alcohol. He is forced by his principal to get his act together when he gets in trouble at school and he has to attend mandatory therapy sessions so he doesn't call his abusive father. The setting of Bottled Up is in present day. They aren't talking about anything from the past or future. The point of view never shifts between the character in this book it's a constant view fro the eyes of Pip. I believe the protagonist in this story was the principal.Even though he's rarely talked…show more content…
Clair clearly cared for Pip and never gave up on him throughout the entire book. She knew deep down that Pip was still there and he wasn't that far gone. I thought Mikey was an important character because when he got hurt and his and Pip’s relationship changed for the worst Pip tried everything to get his brother back to his old self because he was too young to be so upset and not care about school or anything around him. Lastly his dad, I thought Pip’s dad was important because of his impact on Pip’s life. He cause Pip to rely on drugs and alcohol to get away from his home. He also heavily influenced his attitude towards other people. He would never treat others with respect because that's how his dad would act. Pip is a high school student that is always smoking pot, cigarettes and drinking alcohol. He comes from a rough home life because his dad is aggressive towards everyone on the household especially Pip because he's constantly defying him. Pip has a younger brother named Mikey who is innocent yet he realizes how bad his father is. Hes latched on to Pip always wanting to be around him and asking him the craziest questions that Pip rarely has the answer to. One day Pip is sent to the principal's office. This visit is different because the

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