Old Man Theme

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“The Old Man and The Sea” is a novel that written by Ernest Hemingway. Several common things in daily life included in the story, such as the way to face the unpleasantness from the people in around us that common underestimated us, the way to respect to an old man, and the value to do not give up for our goal. Here, in this essay, I am going to show the theme of the story: perseverance of old man to pursue a goal. The statement is based on the plot and the characteristics of the main character in the story. The plot has been defined by some experts in literature field. For example, according to Perrine (1974: 41), “Plot is the sequence of incident or events which the story is composed and it may conclude what character says or thinks, as…show more content…
Until 84 days, he did not get the fish. As long as he fought, he never complained and never give up. Fortunately, his patient made great result. On day of 85, he gained an extremely big fish that hooked on his line. The fish has twice bigger size than his boat. He did not want to lose the opportunity. He forced all of his power to catch the giant fish. He forced to hook it on behind of his boat too. He was succeed to do it. Then, unlucky condition came to him, a shark approach to his boat to eat his fish. Definitely, he fights the shark to save his own pride fish. Eventually, he won the fight nevertheless a little bit of the flesh’s fish had been eaten by the shark. Unhappily, his struggle did not stop yet. That happen causes of the other sharks appeared one by one near his boat after smelled the blood of the fish. Consequently, he must fights that vicious sharks one by one. He fights with full of his power to save the special fish. Finally, he won the fight even though all of the flesh of the fish had been eaten by the hungry-sharks. In that case, there was only the bones left on the fish. However, he still has a pride that had been avowed by the other fishermen. From the plot of the story, that can be seen if the old man needs more effort to pursue his
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