Reflection On My Second Good Book By Jennifer Niven

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What we read does shape us even if we aren’t consciously aware of it. Reading exposes us to many different ideas and thoughts of others, and provides us with many thinking curves and questions about our own morals, values and habits.

Our personalities take time to develop and change our opinions towards something, but can be strongly influenced by books or can we can relate to the characters within the book. Often people can find themselves relating closely to the experiences, thoughts and the beliefs which indicate the shaping of our character.

Reading provides us with a type of image that we can create, as we can relate to character or we create them through our knowledge of learning and reading the characters and what we seem them to
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Many main characters get their own chapter where they continue the story but from their side. Tone is presented very lightly as its with younger children but get increasing more serious throughout the novel.

My second good book is all the bright places by Jennifer Niven, the book is about Violet Markey – a quiet girl on the edge of the popular group whose perception of life changed after the death of her older sister – and Theodore Finch, a misfit who is constantly thinking about death and ways to kill himself. But this isn 't your classic boy meets girl: they meet atop the bell tower with Violet about to attempt suicide.

The story is told through both Finch and Violet 's perspectives, which brings the touching tale to life beautifully and we get to experience their own emotions and experiences. This is a story full of unique twists and detailed characters, yet it still has a basis in real life. The characters are also represented in straight forward pure detail. Their characters grown from the beginning at the novel but unfortunately finch turns back when he commits
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