Of Mice And Men Essay Conclusion

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This novel by John Steinbeck starts by a description of a beautiful landscape. He describes a pool, trees and rabbits – in general a beautiful landscape that seems very idyllic. Here we meet the protagonists who are the lifelong friends George and Lennie. George and Lennie have escaped from their old farm and are now looking for a new one. Lennie and George have the typical dream ‘the American dream’. The climax is when Lennie kills the inheritance of the farm’s wife. The story takes a sudden turn and the excitement of anticipation rises. Now George has to make a decision he never thought he should do. Lennie and George are contrasting persons. Lennie is this huge man, with a lot of muscles, he is kind of retarded and he is just doing what George tells him. Lennie does not have a very good memory, which results that George gets very annoyed at him because George have to tell him the same things over and over again. Lennie likes to touch/pet soft things, and he always messing things up because he does not have the brain capacity to think beyond the situation. George is the little man with the brain. He loves to feel powerful and that is why he makes a fool out of Lennie or he used to do; now instead he likes Lennie’s company. Before she died, George promised Lennie’s aunt that he would take care of him because though he is grown and strong he is simple-minded and cannot survive on his own.…show more content…
Many other novels etc. acclaims the American dream, and it is something every people achieve, but Steinbeck does not think very much of achieving the American dream. The story depicts the condition of poor migrant farm workers during the great depression. Steinbeck’s novel “Of Mice and Men” is not a fairy tale but it is a realism of the real world, where he fictions people in a social environment that is a criticism of the social conditions. Everybody on the ranch has their own dreams, but here is ‘the American dream’ just a dream, and dreams do not come true, because poverty makes people egoistic. Steinbeck’s message is that true friendship is the way to pure happiness, and not achieving the American dream through
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