Characters In Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

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The Story of an Hour is a simply yet creative short story that one could believe is the best out of the other options provided. Kate Chopin created a heartfelt story without illustrating a lot of elements like the setting or the characteristics of the characters. Instead Chopin gives us a small insight of the characters leaving us to question who they are. In The Story of an Hour the author Kate Chopin creates the best short story by drawing in her readers emotionally, using a simply style of writing, and keeping the readers with many unsolved questions that keep the readers interested. Usually a story that is extremely filled with lots of elements of fiction would be a great story and because this story lacks some of that information Chopin found a different way to capture her readers.

First, we must begin with the emotional state that this story puts its readers in. In this story Chopin gives just enough imagery to see from Mrs. Mallards point of view. Being able to relate to how the character is feeling helps draw the reader in. While reading I could feel the emotional happiness Mrs. Mallard felt when she believed she was free after finding out her husband had died. “Free” “Body and soul free!” she kept whispering. To engage in simulation, one must see what the characters see, hear what they hear, that is, experience what they experience (Johnson, Cushman, Borden, McCune 2013). After reading her reaction it made me wonder what kind of man her husband had

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