Characters In Mean Girls

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In the movie Mean Girls the main Character whose life is the narration of the movie is Named Cady. She was born and raised in Africa, but has now moved to the suburbs in Illinois. Kate’s character begins as being the new girl who knows nothing about social groups and has no friends, to then being apart of “the plastics”. The “plastics” is a group of four girls who are know as the most popular and prettiest girls in the school. The head of the group is named Regina George who is a beautiful blonde girl that everyone adores. She has a stuck up attitude and personally victimizes everyone. Another member of this group is named Gretchen Wieners. Gretchen is a brown headed girl who is Rich because her dad invented toaster strudels. Last but not least, is Karen smith. Karen is your…show more content…
She didn’t know what the true meaning High school was because the only people she had ever known were her parents and animals. Her parents made the decision to leave Africa and move to a suburban area where Cady is about to get her first taste of public school. The first set of friends she makes is Janis and Damion who would be considered outcast. Not long after she meets the three most popular and beautiful girls of the school better known as the Plastics. She gets invited to be apart of the Plastics and at first is skeptical because she wants to keep Janis and Damion as friends, but they suggest she joins them so they can find out their dark secrets. Things go down hill after Cady develops a crush on Aaron Samuels, which is Regina’s ex boyfriend. Regina gets revenge on Cady by getting back with him and now Cady feels betrayed. She still pretends as if they are friends and she is unbothered by the situation, but secretly Cady, Janis and Damion are plotting to destroy Regina’s social status. The more time Cady spends with the Plastics the more she starts to actually become one of
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