Character Of Short Story

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Characters of Short Stories

Short story is sub-genre of fiction, which is not much different than novel. However, short story is much shorter than novel. And has five key elements. Which goes same for novels too and those are:
1- Setting
2- Plot
3- Character
4- Point of view, and
5- Theme.
These five elements play an important role in short story. Let`s imagine that short story is a living being and these five elements are body parts without them, it will be dead body. Therefore, missing of just single element will have a great impact on other elements. From five elements this essay will emphasizing on character. It can be defined as main person or person who act in a story. In addition to that there is always two character who drew
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And because of his dirty face it seems like he have nobody in home. A lonely poor boy. On the other hand, a large woman seems like strong woman who have no fear of anything. As the story goes on the character are more disclosed and it comes out that the boy who was thief and not behaved started learning a lesson that stealing is a bad thing and that he won`t steal again. And the large woman who supposed to be bad woman turned out that she is caring and nice person from inside, who trying to teach boy a lesson about what is right and wrong. However, if the large woman grabbed him from his shirt front and dragged him to police-station and turned him in than setting of the story would be different. He might would not learn a lesson and whenever he get out of jail he would had stolen again. How characters change from one way to another makes story more interesting. “The Tell Tale Heart” by EDGAR ALLAN POE, is a story about an ill-psyche (mind) character. In this story narrator is the protagonist and is ill-minded in other words, he is mad. However, he thinks that he is clever and he is not insane.This story reveal the character as an ill-psyche person who try to kill an old-man just because his eyes bothers him (the narrator). He were absolutely mentally-ill these are evidence:
Line 37: “I fairly chuckled at the idea.”
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This story`s name is named after a bird who could not live outside its environment. Which goes same with narrator`s brother. The narrator is a character who is six year old boy and had a brother named as DOODLE, who cannot walk and is weak. He started to get ashamed of his brother and wanted him to die. However, as they started to go outside for play. The narrator took the chance and forced Doodle to learn to walk. This shows that the narrator`s pride were hurting whenever, he watched his brother like that. Because of his selfishness he never thought of his brother`s disability and emotions. He just thought of himself and about his pride. On the other side, Doodle wanted to live like others, to go school, to jump, to play with his brother and did not wanted to disappoint his brother (the narrator). Thus, they started to practice. Gradually he started to walk. Which made his parents happy. But that happiness did not lasted forever because Doodle dies when the narrator leave him outside in a storm. At that time the narrator left Doodle there because his pride won over love for him. After the end of storm he comes back and to find that his brother is laying motionlessly. When he (the narrator) came near him that he is bleeding out of his mouth and he already left this world. If he did not left Doodle there that tragedy would not had happened and they would had lived
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