Space Jam Film Analysis

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Space Jam is a movie that combined live action and animation, starring Michael Jordan, pig, Porky and the rest of the Looney Tunes characters. It narrate the story of how Michael return to basketball, this time with him being inspired by Bugs Bunny and others. It comprises many character. ABOUT THE JERSEY These jerseys have great quality and detail. The material, length everything is amazing. The jerseys are made by Champion with stitched letters and numbers and are machine washable. Michael Jordan popularized the basketball-style jersey when he starred in the kid comedy. All Letters and Numbers are Sewn and Stitched. ABOUT THE CHARACTERS Lola Bunny (Kath Soucie) She’s a skilled, fearless, basketball player. She got the rest of her team falling…show more content…
There are younger players in this team who are a lot more motivated to help out. I know he’s a fan favorite, and he had a wonderful moment in the earlier years. Doesn’t get along with refs either. Sniffles the Mouse Sniffles talks a lot. Foghorn Leghorn He’s injury prone and extremely flammable. Granny (June Foray) It’s hard to overstate how important Granny is to the overall makeup of this team. Something tells me we have a replacements situation here. Road Runner Fastest end-to-end speed among the prospects. Incredible in the cone drill at the combine. Porky Pig Is a pig, does get a dunk though when standing on two other Tune Squad members’ shoulders. Elmer Fudd The commissioner is just going to let this go on unchecked, Bunch of Tarantino wannabes running around making for a hostile work environment. But this is Tune Land, and maybe the league has a different sort of standards than the NBA did under David Stern. Or maybe the union really has all the control. Wile E. Coyote This is Bad Boys Pistons-era tomfoolery from both sides. If he doesn’t get control of this game, somebody is going to get seriously injured. Pepe Le Pew Maurice LaMarche known as Pepe Le Pew, should be in the
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