Film Analysis: The Princess Bride

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The Princess Bride is a movie about love, vengeance, and companionship.The story focuses on a farm girl, Buttercup, who, five years after the presumed death of her true love, Westley, is chosen as the bride of her country 's crown prince Humperdinck, whom she does not love. Early on bandits hired by Humperdinck kidnap Buttercup with the intention of using her to start a war. However, Westley, disguised as a mysterious man dressed in black, returns to rescue Buttercup so that that may be happily reunited. In The Princess Bride, the filmmakers utilize costumes and music, as well as camera angles and shots to help develop Westley’s skills and personality. First of all, Westley’s costume tells us about his skills and his personality. His costume consists of black clothing, a black mask, and a sword. The mask and sword represent his dangerous and mysterious behavior. The sword acts as a defense/attack system for him, in the battles, he protects himself…show more content…
Throughout the movie, high angle, low angle, and etc. are used. One commonly used angle is the low angle shots help Westley seem more robust in a difficult situation. During battles or the quest, low angle shots emphasize Westley’s superiority. This shows his heroic and powerful personality and lets us feel very comfortable around him. In contrast, he is never vulnerable to anyone and the need for high angle shots are minute. In this case, this would be in the battle against Fezzik or the rat in Fire swamp, where Westley was put in a low angle shot in order to make the opponents appear much stronger. However, this turns around towards the end and Westley wins. Camera angles also show skills as the difference within the angles expresses the mood. Low angles show that the character is very brave and sturdy and high angles show that the character is weak and afraid. This suggests that Westley has a very heroic side but also has a weak
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