Characters In The Hound Of The Baskervilles

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English Writing Task “The Hound of the Baskervilles” The character we’re writing about is Sir Henry Baskerville. Sir Henry Baskerville is a “small, eager, dark-eyed man”, who has “thick dark hair and is sunburnt, like one who has spent most of his time in the open air.” He is not married and has a farm (which is not mentioned in this book, therefore we had to do some research on our own) in Canada “we inquired for this young gentleman, and found out that he had been working in Canada”. After the sudden and mysterious death of his uncle Sir Charles, Sir Henry is known to be the last living relative of the departed man and therefore the heir of the Baskerville estate and fortune. Yet later it turns out, that Stapleton, who was a good friend of Sir Charles, is in fact a Baskerville - the son of Sir …show more content…

But Sir Henry 's good luck doesn 't change the fact that he 's got a scheming murderer after him and that the one girl to whom he 's given his heart happens to be married to that murderer. And even though Beryl is the wife of the murderer, and as her husband believes “in this together”, she tries to help Sir Henry save his life by sending the mysterious letter, that baffles him at first “I know that you think out little mysteries, and I’ve had one that I cannot solve. It is this letter, you can call it a letter, which reached me this morning.”, but catches the attention of Detective Sherlock Holmes, who soon sheds light on the explanation behind the mysterious letter, whose content seemed like a threat at first. Sir Henry is very important to the book, because without the dangers that hovered upon him and without the attempted murder of killing him, Holmes and Mr.Watson would have never found out the murderer of Sir Charles and possibly the priest James Desmond, who would have been the heir of the Baskerville estate and fortune in case something happened to the initial inheritor - Sir Henry, and therefore possibly the next victim of

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