Characters In The Novel Hatchet, Guts, And Island Of The Blue Dolphinss

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In the books Hatchet, Guts, and Island of the Blue Dolphins the characters all go through horrifying experiences. In Hatchet, a boy named Brian is forced to fly a plane after the pilot dies of a heart attack. In Island of the Blue Dolphins, a girl named Karana and her brother were left behind by their clan. In Guts, a man named Gary Paulsen answers emergency ambulance calls and witnesses many deaths from people. To begin with in Hatchet, Brian Robeson pilot dies of a heart attack when on his way to his father’s home in Canada. Now Brian is forced to fly the plane and crashes in some lake then swims and saves himself. He may not be picked up that day or any day so it leaves brian alone to survive and live on his own. He is not prepared for anything like this and does not know how to survive in the wilderness. Which will change his life forever. I found that all in the text that he has crashed and has already been the first day of the crash. It also says that he does not now how to get any food which means he is inexperienced.…show more content…
Ramo was killed by the pack of wild dogs. Karana tried to kill the pack leader of the dogs, but she ended up just wounding him. Later, she cared for and healed the dog. She ended up keeping the dog as her companion. This changed Karana 's Life because she lost her brother and wanted revenge. But she end Finally, In Guts the writer of Hatchet Gary Paulsen talks about how he faces catastrophic things in his life. Before he was able
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