Characters In The Outsiders

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Have you ever felt like an outsider in your life? An outcast to others, or the feeling that you 're going through something by yourself? Well meet the main character in S.E Hilton 's novel, The Outsiders. Ponyboy Curtis is a fourteen year old boy in the decade where in every city there were gangs and groupies. Ponyboy is in a gang along with his two brothers and their friends. They are known as greasers for their greasy hair, and because they aren 't the richest people in the town. The greasers rivals, socials or 'socs ', are the opposite of them. They have nice clothing and brand new cars that they drive around town. S.E Hilton started writing this novel when she was only fifteen, and it was published in 1967. The book that she wrote is a…show more content…
The characters that S.E Hilton writes about are very well devolved for a short novel like this one, they are also memorable to the readers. Ponyboy Curtis is the main character and the narrator of the book, and he talks a lot about how he feels about various things throughout the novel. He isn 't like the stereotypical guy who bottles up their emotions to seem more like able by the ladies, and actually, a lot of women look for a guy like Ponyboy because he shares how he feels. Johnny Cade is a kid that gets beat up by his family but he is never really angry about it. He has a friendly but paranoid demeanor to his personality, and he is loved by his second 'family ', which is just Greasers. Last but not least, Dallas or 'Dally ' Winston. He is a typical bad boy in the novel, and most young adults or girls like guys like him because he 's wild and very flirtatious. He 's a tuff guy with a lot of pent up anger, but he rarely takes it out on his buddies unless they made him angry. People may like other characters in The Outsiders, but these three boys seemed to be liked the most for their different personalities. Readers love these characters in this book that the author writes about though, even if they aren 't listed above. As said before, they all have their own unique personalities which makes them, well, them. Just
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