The Sisters Brothers Character Analysis

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ENGLISH 101: ESSAY#1 Significance of Horse (Tub) in the Novel" The Sisters Brothers" In the Novel "The Sisters Brothers", Tub is an interesting aspect. Eli and Charlie both got new horses whose names was Tub and nimble respectively, which they brought from the fractional savings from their last job. They both did not accept to give names but rather they got them with names in the interim. Eli wanted to buy a horse of his own choice and with his own characteristics. According to his physical look, the tub is described as stout, low-backed, and unfit to movement more than fifty miles in a day but his previous horse was able to travel sixty miles a day. The irony is that Eli is likewise depicted just like somewhat…show more content…
That relation begun when Eli was about to leave his place where they both stayed. He snatched his things and venturing into the street to meet tub, he asked tub how he was feeling and he responded energetically than before when his eye was completely harmed. He needed to be somewhat tub since when his hand arrived on his head he acts distinctively in light of the fact that he was not used to a delicate touch of his owner. Eli was emotionally attached to Tub and ashamed of his rude behaviour toward him. He tried to be soft with him and wanted to spend some quality time with him. He showed his love toward him when at charlie 's dinner night, he prepared beans, pork and biscuits. But he only had beans and give rest of his food to tub. One night he found a dark horse without any owner. Eli chose to keep that new horse and Charlie proposed him to sell tub. he conceded to that, however, was inclination dreadful in the meantime for him and it happens with tub, when a threw a rope neck of the dark mare tub hung his head and his owner was not in any case ready to meet eyes with him. he discovered dark horse sharply and graceful. he was feeling not very great reasoning like this due to the tub. Tub 's eyes became full with water and bloodshot when he was observing that new
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