The Stranger Book Review Essay

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Hi, Danalsah

It’s your sister, Kalaysah. I read a good book called “The Stranger” by Albert Camus. Let me tell you about:

This begins with a telegram to Meursault (a young emotionally indifference man) about his mother’s death. He attends the funeral but surprisingly showed no emotion whatsoever and afterward returns home with no sense of loss. He returned to his life as usual like nothing happened; he meets up with his “girlfriend”, he befriends a pimp and went to the beach with both. Talking about the beach Meursault killed an Arab on the beach in cold-blood; he killed someone for no logical reason. He was put on trial for the murder and was founded guilty, I mean why wouldn’t he; and was sentenced to execution.

Meursault is both the protagonist and the antagonist. You may ask how can he be both, well because he faces the main conflict in the novel as well as causes it. He faces execution because he killed a man in cold-blood and his lack of his emotions causes his situation to be direr.

There are minor characters that were beneficial and others that were detrimental. Marie Cardona: honest, easy
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If you don’t know what I mean, Meursault lacks any emotion, he doesn’t react to tragedy or reacts with remorse or sympathy or love. What will you do if your mother died? Wouldn’t you shed a tear or want to see her one last time? Well, not our “sweet” Meursault he attended his mother funeral: doesn’t want to see her body, falls asleep during the funeral, and doesn’t shed one tear. You may think he just copes in a different way but that’s how he is. Ironically, he returns home, finds a girlfriend and they have a nice event. Well isn’t that a way to remember your mother though he did learn something from her in his last days; he learned that he should rebel against death as his mother did. He emptied all hope, free himself from worry, and was able to acknowledge the “gentle indifference” of the
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