Characters In Tolstoy's War And Peace

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War and Peace has a large cast of characters, approximately 580. The important characters portrayed in the novel are Napoleon Bonaparte, Tsar Alexander I, his mother Maria Feodorovna, who is the most powerful woman in the Russian Royal Court. All these historical personalities lived in the era surrounding the 1812 French invasion of Russia. The plot involves five aristocratic families and is set during the Napoleonic wars.
War and Peace alternates between periods of war and peace in Russia during the first two decades of the nineteenth century. Tolstoy intended to write the story of a man returning home after having been exiled to Siberia in 1856. The man had been a Decembrist, a member of an enlightened revolutionary movement seeking constitutional reforms in Russia before the Czarist forces suppressed the movement in December, 1825. In order to understand his hero, Tolstoy decided that he first had to write about the man’s youth: thus the story starts in July, 1805.
History affects individual lives. In some ways, this novel can be read as an account of the devastating toll that national conflict takes on individual people. Every character either dies or suffers a major loss in their family and many of these tragedies are directly or indirectly caused by war.
One of the volumes of the novel gives an insight into the instances that take place in the life of an intellectual and handsome individual known as Andrei, till his death. He was an officer in the third coalition
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