Characters In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar And Titus Andronicus

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Sebastian Pennett Bryan Braint (Alix, Section 8) English 160 A October 3rd, 2014 Critical Essay Part One: Aaron Vs. Cassius In the play Julius Caesar and Titus Andronicus there are two very similar characters in both plays, yet at the same time surprisingly different. Aaron in Titus Andronicus is considered the puppeteer of the play, he is known for his conniving manipulation and his downright hatred for humanity. Throughout the play Aaron destroys many lives in hopes of desolating Rome and all of its citizens as a form of vengeance. However in Julius Caesar, Cassius is known for his manipulation and love for Rome, who would do anything to protect Rome. Cassius ends up taking advantage of Brutus and his power and ends up convincing Brutus…show more content…
Cassius wants Caesar dead and Rome to be controlled by the nobles (which includes himself). Aaron wants Rome to suffer; Aaron wants power over all the Romans in order to take vengeance on Titus and everyone else. Even though they both don’t see the same future for Rome, they both are power hungry and ready to take control of Rome and its citizens. Cassius and Aaron don’t have very similar attitudes through both plays; Cassius has a very intelligent way of speaking as well as a normal attitude when he speaks. Aaron however, has a dark attitude every time he speaks. Even though Cassius does plot against Caesar, he does it for political reasons only, while Aaron obviously hates the world and tells Luscious that he enjoyed doing all the evil things he has done and would do it ten thousand more times. They don’t exactly show the same attitude because these characters are not part of the same play. Titus Andronicus is a revenge tragedy and Julius Caesar is a political play, therefore Cassius is a politician who does anything in his power to protect Rome and its citizens. This is also why Aaron does evil things to Rome; he had a dark tone every time he spoke because he needs to get revenge. Another interesting point is that Cassius is portrayed as a good Roman while Aaron is considered a Goth. This is clear when Antonio is talking to Caesar about Cassius and he says, “Fear him not, Caesar,
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