Characters In William Shakespeare's Twelve Angry Men

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In the play Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose twelve jurors in a court have to try to decide If a boy is guilty or innocent in the charge of murdering his father. With this we get to see many personalities within all the jurors, making them all extermenley different voices being heard the the courtroom. For this assignment we created shapes showing off the personalonalities for three jurors, the twelfth, eighth and third jurors as they all have they different and distinguishable personalities. While juror eight is logical and tries to examine all the evidence thoroughly, juror three is brash and goes against his personal prejudices, strongly sharing all of them to the other jurors. As for juror twelve, he didn't make a huge impact in the courtroom…show more content…
The “colors” contradict each other and are put against each other in their arguments causing a possible conflict between the jurors. The main color for juror eight is a light blue, to represent his logic and thoughtful demeter, which contradicts with juror threes bright red and orange/yellow callouts. Juror threes color jump out much more than the others, the bright hues jump out to your eyes and make a bold statement between the other two jurors. As for juror twelve his base shape (square) is purple, a mix between juror threes red and juror eights blue to show he's in the middle of the road betweens sides, constantly changing vote. The green in the arrows represents how he’s naive, he only really care about business and money and wanted to show off all of his successful business pitches, instead of focusing on the actual case. As described in the movie, A slick, bright advertising man who thinks of human beings in terms of percentages graphs, and polls and has no real understanding of people. He is a superficial snob, but trying to be a good fellow,” (Lumet). The colors help define and reflect the basic “shape” given to these characters, and the relations between the colors can show the relations between the

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