Characters That Changed My Life

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In this picture there are multiple things that happened and changed my life extremely. My main characters are my Father Michael Emery, and my mom Wendy Kautz in this picture there is a Demolition Derby car sitting on a trailer all beat up in my old driveway on East Eckman in South Bend, Indiana. So one sunny bright Friday morning sparks were flying and work is being accomplished for a big day Saturday night at South Bend Motor Speedway. When i was only 8 years old my dad was running the derby every weekend and he had to weld everything together and i would watch and once he said,“Son one day you can do this on your own and be successful in life.” I took that statement to heart and now I say to myself time fly’s and he was right just like he had said 9 years ago i’m working 2 jobs and very successful. When I continued to see him weld i took interest and wanted to be just like him he was skilled and a hard worker and still is to this day he no longer welds but is a supervisor for Comcast. As we cheered him on every Saturday night hearing the bangs and crunches we knew afterwards it is hard work to repair get back into the heat they called the final round of…show more content…
I do Welding as i took interest after watching my dad every weekend i started when i was 17 and it just felt like it was in my blood I became best in class welder and absolutely loved it. For Halloween i’m buying my own derby car and i’m bigger now and my dad is going to help me prepare for my first derby and i will be the one welding everything to together. Once i graduate i plan to head to Jacksonville Florida for underwater welding it’s a challenge and a dare i challenge. In order to do this skill you have to be water smart, pressure smart, and book smart. In this you skill you can easily be crushed by water and killed this is extremely dangerous that's why there isn’t any times for games when you're underwater dealing with pressure and the

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