Characters To Choose Edna's Character In The Awakening

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There were many characters to choose from and I chose Edna. Edna changes a lot throughout the book; from her attitude, behavior, and overall character. At the end of the book she sacrificed herself for her kids, family and love. Also, she forfeited herself to her husband, kids, and home. Every day she would stay home, take care of the kids and the house. In the book, Edna didn’t have a job. It wasn’t a role for women to have jobs. The wives were expected to stay home; tend to the kids and the house. So that’s what she did while she watched her husband depart for days upon weeks for his job. He would leave her money and send home gifts for her and the kids. Reasonably she forfeited her life for her kids, her husband and house. She went out one night and her husband…show more content…
She also sacrificed herself because of Robert. Over the summer, Edna developed a passion of love for Robert. But one day Robert left her a note saying he was leaving her. She got depressed and didn’t do anything. She eventually returned to Grande Isle hoping Robert would take her back. But he didn’t, so she then realized she doesn’t need to be in this world anymore. One day she wanted to go swimming on a cold day, but the sun was out according to Edna. Edna knew her limit and how far out she was able to swim. But she didn’t take that into consideration and she just kept swimming out farther and farther. Her legs and arms grew weaker. She knew she couldn’t swim anymore. She left everything behind; she didn’t take anything with her. She left all her clothes on shore and went in the water naked. She told the people in the house to not make any leftover food because she knew she wasn’t coming back. She sacrificed herself for her kids, her family and friends. She didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore. She also didn’t want to be hurt herself from other people. She committed suicide at the end of the
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