Characters Used In Tobias Wolff's Bullet In The Brain

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Tobias Wolff’s “Bullet in the Brain” is the perfect imperfect short story that encases the writer to mark a quick judgment of the cranky book critic - Anders, the main character - and later realize to be patient in initial judgment of the character and the story. Wolff’s description of Anders causes the reader to initially dislike him for his rude comments to the womens’ conversation while waiting in line at the bank. The reader then experiences the bank robbery that results in his death - from Anders sarcastic comments to the robbers - and through that moment realizes that Wolff’s resolution is simply brilliant. Wolff’s utilization of point of view, flashback, and irony through Anders to support his theme of transforming from a flat to dynamic character (in memory of who he was) and to not regret how you have changed before your death is simply brilliant. Tobias Wolff (born June 19, 1945) is an American novelist, short story writer, and editor whose is known especially for his…show more content…
The situational irony used reveals the contrary character of Anders when he was young, compared to his character during the story reveals the entire truth to the reader. The reader expected Anders to die because of how his character was throughout the story, but yet that was never truly him. He turned out to be that character, because the events he experienced throughout his life is what conformed him to the character the reader initially assumed him to be. Clearly, Anders does not regret who he has become because what he went through was not a walk in the park and it was brought upon him by his peers. He remained to be who he was - cranky, blunt, and rude - even when his life was literally seconds away from being taken from him. This was the entire brilliance to Wolff’s story: be patient to judge and do not regret who you have come to
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