Which Leadership Model Do You Recommend Robin To Employ? Why Would It Be Most Effective?

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6. Explain these changing environmental elements: a. Economic Forces – Economically, the crew was doing great. They were stealing from the rich and giving directly to the poor. What could go wrong here? I’m certain those who were being stolen from felt differently, but there was not much that could be done until the Sheriff was strong enough to put an end to it. b. Socio-cultural forces – The Merrymen are all cut from the same cloth. They are all “thieves” if you will. They like to steal and rebel against the Sheriff. However, it would stand to reason and ask a question about their loyalty to Hood. Sooner or later, I believe they would feel prone to overthrow their leader and give him a run for his money, just as they were with the Sheriff. c. Political and Legal Forces – Politically you have the Sheriff, Prince John and King Richard the Lionheart. The Sheriff had lobbyist who were all for keeping him there, which is why he grew stronger. As time moved forward, they filled his coffer with copious amounts of money, which strengthened him. Legally, Prince John could have the Sheriff apprehend the crew and shut the entire operation down, but he did not make that decision. 7. Which leadership model do you recommend Robin to employ? Why would it be most effective? I recommend Hood first…show more content…
How can Robin improve communication? Hood could improve communication by communicating. I know it sounds strange, but I did not find many details about his communication skills and I see where that would be a serious issue for the crew. If you cannot talk with your crew from time to time, or even be available for them should they need something, that would make a world of difference. Personally, I believe an open line of communication is key to a great environment. If the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, there is bound to be trouble brewing. 9. What is the overall action plan? Mission? Performance objectives? Strategies? Action Steps for
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