Charecter's Structer: Minor Psycho Characters

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Hannibal use to be known for being a minor psycho character with a taste for human flesh. Fuller 's adaption unlike that of his predecessors, begins the narrative before even the first novel 's events. The first episode opens up with blood splattered around a crime scene while Will 's pendulum swings from side to side. Will 's active imagination is at work and the crime scene returns to its original state; outside, Will stands for a second before shooting Mr.Marlow in a way that "he will die watching me take what is his away from him"(Aperitif 1x01 01:57). He assumes the mind of a killer well enough that he can reenact a crime scene in his head; Will, can look into the mind of anyone and he can empathize with them, seeing the value in this,
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