Charge Nurse Reflection

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Upon arriving to the unit this morning, I quickly realized today was going to be a chaotic day with the current patient census, and all of the new admissions. I was able to assist the night charge nurse with today’s assignments, while she helped with the code, and the day began. I informed my team that today was going to be a long day, and encouraged them to use each other and myself for help. I recommended they taking a few minutes to coordinate their work after receiving report. At 0745, when Jane informs me that the patient in 408 has fallen, I am quick to get into the room and do an assessment again. Since this is my patient, I am informed with her case and can see the changes that have occurred. Since there isn’t a rapid response team…show more content…
Communication in a crisis is vital. It is often the first aspect of teamwork to go because many team members have different ways of dealing with a crisis. It is important to slow down for a moment and communicate what you are doing so there aren’t any errors. Simply stating what you are doing allows the other teammates to plan for their next steps. Organization is also hard to keep when things change unexpectedly. Many people try to help but if there isn’t a plan, people may waste there time by s=doing the say steps or step can be forgotten leading to laps in patient safety and care. If the leader starts by creating a plan, members are able to follow it and collaborate with others. Both of these skills are connected and essential throughout an emergency. Having each other’s back and providing support is so imperative as well. When you are the nurses that is having a predicament that you cannot leave, your other patients are on the back of your mind, and you are hoping the others are helping them if they need it. It is great to know that the others on the team support you, and will help you when you need it. Teamwork assures that all of the patients are receiving care and stay safe while their primary nurse assists with a more urgent
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