Charitable Incentives

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The use of charitable incentives have been highly practiced throughout the world, since the beginning of time. Offering incentives for charitable acts have been questioned for its morally wrong and right nature. However, I believe offering incentives for charitable acts should continue due to it being enforced by the schools in order to graduate, without incentives people would question why they are even cooperating , and it contributes to both parties beneficially. Highschool students of all grade levels are offered incentives to achieve higher grade averages; all the while, being compelled to do charitable acts from nonprofit agencies in order to graduate. All around the world, incentives have become a part of students’ lives. Students need to be aware that if incentives stop being distributed, we will be unable to do community service hours. Therefore, being unable to graduate; unless, a new policy is formed. In…show more content…
The word charity correlates to ‘giving’. Incentives, on the other hand, correlate to ‘bribing’ or ‘taking’. When someone gives an object toward charitable organizations, most are wondering what they will get in return. Offering incentives for charitable purposes have an equal outcome, or benefit. Although there are people such as Keanu Reeves, who give so much for nothing in return, we have to remember not all of us have the money nor the time to spend. Keanu Reeves once stated “ I have enough money to last me four centuries.” Normal citizens, no matter the country, all need a reassurance that we will get something in return for the hard earned money we put into a charitable act. Additionally, doing a good act and getting a good act in return have many positive attributions to one 's society. Since most of our society functions in this pattern, large amount of people are committing charitable acts just for the satisfaction of their
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