How To Write An Essay About Charity

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I came from a poor place in Mexico, where you could see kids without shoes, with they clothes dirty of mud. My mother taught me to be charitable and humble with others. I believe charity can bring happiness in your live and at the same time you can make a change in someone's life. Every charity act helps a community to stay together and demonstrate love one another. To begin with, I remember one day that we were in Mexico, me and my mom we went to get groceries to the city, there was an old lady with a child in her hands asking for money. My mom grab a packet of cookies from our bags and she gave them the box. I remember seen the happiness of the child in his smile and eyes, her mom was very grateful with us that she graph my moms hand to talk her. It made me happy to see them happy, there was the moment when I knew that I wanted to do the same as my mom. I believe that the recompense that…show more content…
I wondered to myself if I should talk to him, but my English was terrible, probably our conversation could not last longer than two minutes. I finally decided to get close to him and I ask him how was his day. He smiled and he told me that he was looking for something useful, since that garage dump was from a second-hand store. He said that his house got burn a years ago and lost everything, he also mention that he couldn't remember his birthday, his was losing his memory. I was listening to every of his stories, it was hard for me to just walk and forget all those things that he had to go through. I decided to give him a hug and at that moment he started to cry. I remember seen his green eyes with tears, at the moment I thought he was sad because he remembered all those experiences, but he say that the fact that I stop by to say “hi” made him happy. He was very grateful with me, and I knew that you can not change a person’s life, but you are able to their day

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