Charity Jackson Life Essay

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On the 20th day of January, 1844, Charity gave birth to her and Henry’s eighth child; a son, whom they named Jackson Lane Gullege after Doctor Lane who helped deliver him. Jackson’s birth was as an easy, uneventful birth. She and Henry were pleased that all went well and the baby seemed healthy; they could now make plans to leave as soon as spring came. By mid-March, they had the wagons packed and were ready to roll. The night before their planned departure, Charity went out onto the front porch to smoke her grandmother‘s pipe, which she had grown quite accustomed to. She sat out there with Mrs. Finley and had a long conversation, going so far as to invite her to travel with them, but Mrs. Finley said that her place was there, where her life…show more content…
When they found a pleasing place to make camp and stay a while, they would do so. When they were near a township, the men took odd jobs to support them. Several times, they spent upwards of six months a place, but something was always lacking and the pull they felt to keep going was strong. They wintered the last Christmas they spent in Georgia, living in a small overseer 's cabin, on a plantation near the thriving railroad town of Marthasville. December 29 of that very year, 1847, Marthasville changed its name to Atlanta. Henry and Jeremiah had taken jobs on the plantation, Henry as the overseer, and Jeremiah, since he was skilled in so many areas, was hired to teach the slaves the owner bought in Atlanta to be wheelwrights and farriers. A man in his mid-thirties by the name of Jacob Clark, owned the plantation. Right off, Jeremiah noticed that Jacob Clark had him an eye for the ladies. Clark was unmarried and all but one of his house slaves, were young women. Taking the plantation jobs was the easiest way they could make repairs to their own wagons and save enough money to go on to Alabama. “We needs to make sure the bossman don 't get a good look at yer wife, Henry,” Jeremiah said, adding, “Men like him, they think they can jest take whatever they want from poor
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