Charlemagne And Charlemagne Similarities

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Charlemagne, king and later emperor of the franks, and King Louis IX of France, king, saint, and crusader, have very similar social and cultural backgrounds but a different political background. Charlemagne and King Louis have very similar social backgrounds because they both were born in a royal family and took the throne as kings at a young age due to the deaths of their fathers. Charlemagne was born in 742, in the Merovingian family, from which the franks chose their kings from. He was the son of Beterada of Laon and Pepin the Short. His father became the king of Franks in 751 after the death of his grandfather. After Pepin’s death in 768, Charlemagne became the co-ruler with his brother, Carloman. About three years later, Carloman died…show more content…
When Louis was twenty he married a woman named Margaret, she was the daughter of Count of Provence and the sister of Eleanor the wife of Henry III of England. Charlemagne and King Louis IX of France’s social background are not far different at all. They are very similar because they both were born into royal families, and their fathers died while they were kings so both took the throne at a young age. Charlemagne and King Louis have similar cultural backgrounds because both are Christians. Charlemagne was known as the zealous defender of Christianity. After Charlemagne conquered the Lombard Kingdom in Italy, the Saxons took revenge of their attacks by ravaging many Christian churches, like the monastery of Fritzlar and the temporary Episcopal seat at Buraburg. Charlemagne defended the Christian churches by sending military troops against the Saxons. Because the Saxons destroyed Christian churches, Charlemagne was challenged namely as the protector of Christianity. He eventually forced all the Saxons to convert to Christianity and said that anyone who did not get baptized and follow all the other Christianity traditions would be put to death. Christians today are…show more content…
It was obvious when Louis became king that he had a lot of compassion for helping the poor and suffering people. Many poor people, sometimes over a hundred ate at his house on an ordinary day, and many more ate there on holidays. He would often serve them himself. King Louis also often gave many gifts to all poor people whether people found them worthy or not. He built homes for people that needed, and also built hospitals. In Paris he built a hospital for the blind people that also included a chapel for the men that stayed there so they could pray and worship. He also turned a hostel outside Paris into a home for women in poverty because of prostitution, called House of the Daughters of God. King Louis love for the poor was an important was very obvious. Charlemagne was a military conqueror so he used this talent into the service of the church and for taking over most of western Europe and to compel his subject people into converting into Christianity. He sponsored many subtle military efforts. Charlemagne’s military way was first undertaken in the Aquitanian War, then the Lombard War than later on the Saxon War. Charles himself fought two pitches in this Saxon War. So a difference in the political backgrounds of Charlemagne and King Louis was that King Louis was more

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