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Charlemagne, Charles the Great or King of the Franks (768-814 CE) either name he was a great King according to Einhard. Einhard believed Charlemagne was the ideal king because he thought “He had all the characteristics he felt would make a good king “(Shah). The Life of Charlemagne was written after Charlemagne’s death. Einhard wrote this book in tribute to his friend and King Charlemagne. Bottom of Form Charlemagne was dedicated to learning foreign languages, he spoke eloquently, he showed a great fascination to liberal arts, astrology, mathematics, and respected those who taught him. Charlemagne was driven to learn to write, even though he was unsuccessful in mastering it. Einhard spoke about his enjoyment in reading books of Saint Augustine (The City of God). Charlemagne has spent a great time devoting to his Christian practices since his early childhood. His dedication paid off on Christmas day, “Charlemagne was suddenly crowned “emperor of the Romans by Pope Leo III (Sivers,314). He restores literacy to educate poor people, this led to the spread of Christianity throughout his empire.…show more content…
People would describe Charlemagne as “large and strong person (Shah)”. Charlemagne was adored by many people in many nations because of the work he has done. When you read through Einhard biography, it was difficult to find any negative traits about Charlemagne. It was Charlemagne dedication that drove his military to successes. “Through extensive military campaigns and attention to effective rule, Charlemagne constructed and administered the largest empire in Europe since the collapse of Roman rule in 476” (Siver,314), this tribute to the first Europe (Siver,313), which were divided up and lead to internal wars after his death in
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