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Charlemagne was a beloved figure in history. Charlemagne, also called King Charles, or Charles the great, significantly impact the world of the middle ages and even the world today. He was a brilliant leader in education, government, and especially on the battle field. But what made King Charles, Charles the great? Today I will prove to you that through being an exceptional leader in education, government Charlemagne was one of the best rulers of the Middle Ages. Before we discuss the accomplishments of Charlemagne, let’s take a look at his early life. Charlemagne was born to Pepin the Short and Bertrade in northern Europe, though his exact birthplace is unknown to scholars and historians. In 741 Pepin, who was the mayor of the palace, and in 751 he removed from office the last Merovingian king and was made king of the Franks, a powerful Germanic tribe that lived in the region today known as France. Little is known about Charlemagne 's childhood. According to A book by Donald Bullough, he writes “When Pepin died in October 768, Charlemagne and Carloman was both proclaimed king and were to rule the kingdom together. In the division of the realm, however, Carloman received a larger and richer portion.…show more content…
He changed it educationally, and he helped spread Christianity. He fearlessly conquered many nations and places. He governed over them well and tried his best to educate them and make them smarter. He was an amazing leader and a good example to his people. He was not like a lot of other conquerors who just ruthlessly conquered for power. He was a just man a great leader. Charlemagne died on January 28 in 814, about a year before He died, Charlemagne crowned his only surviving son, Louis the Pious, as emperor. Louis was a very religious man but not an amazing ruler, like his father. The leaders after Charlemagne lacked the power and will to do as good as He had done. The empire eventually split and lost power and fell

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