Charlemagne: The King Of Europe During The Dark Ages

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During the Dark Ages, the European continent was in ruins. There were multiple wars going around the continent by different tribes who were trying to take total control of the land. The people living in that time period did not have a chance to obtain knowledge or live in a peaceful society. Things were about to change very soon because the light was going to shine onto Europe. The Frankish kingdom was going to be ruled by the 1st powerful king of all of European history. His name is Charlemagne and what made him a respected and memorable king throughout history was because of his leadership as a king. He had a powerful military, which made him secure so much land across Europe. Charlemagne ensures his power by having a well political system which ensure loyalty to him by his appointed nobles.…show more content…
He created a system to support his kingdom and make it thrive. Also, he brought outside knowledge to his kingdom to ensure it grows. He had a close relationship with the churches which gave him the success in his conquest. When combining all of these factors, it shows that he is one of the greatest kings in European history. The reason that Charlemagne was the most powerful king of all of Europe was because of his leadership and character as a king. Before Charlemagne took control of the European subcontinent. The continent was in the dark ages because there was no peace in the land. There were multiple tribes who were fighting each other for total control of the land. The Frankish and Saxons were fighting each other for several decades before Charlemagne was king. When Charlemagne father past away, then Charlemagne was
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