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Once Charles became of working age, in his early teens, he took advantage of his bilingualism to search for a farm work 30 km south of Farnham to the township of St. Armand East by the border between Quebec and Vermont. By leaving the Guillet 's traditional family area, one of the first to do so since this Guillet branch arrived in 1718, Charles would have to deal with the lack of family contact by learning to be independent. His first job on his way to manhood was with Alpheus Deming on his well established farm and saw mill, the first mill in the area.
Alpheus, the second generation of Demings born in Quebec, had improved his loyalist father 's initial homestead, of 200 acres of mostly virgin forest, into 100 acres of pastures and crops and a 2 acre apple orchard. This area of Quebec was soon became well known for its apples. At the time of Charles being hired, Alpheus was approaching his 60s and had only a son to work and
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Born September 11, 1866† near the town of Franklin, Vermont, 4 km south of the Quebec border, Milo 's first year saw the continuing unrest after the Fenian Pigeon Hill raids of early June. These raids caused significant damage amongst the homesteads of St. Armand, especially in the Pigeon Hill and Frelighsburg. Despite the concerns of the farmers that were relayed to Ottawa, The Fenians were not taken seriously. These rogue Irish looted homes, stole livestock and damaged property. It took the local men of St. Armand to ward off the Fenians for the three companies of the Canadian infantry and their 100 men withdrew. Their leaders had greatly underestimated the threat. Once this was clear they returned and for a while the whole affair ended.
As long a Milo 's family stayed in Vermont there would only be tension from the Fenians and no real threats. Dutifully Charles went into Franklin town to register his first child. Milo spent his first 3 years in a farming valley near Franklin, gaining a playmate brother, Louis, again following the
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